Throwback Thursday – Climbing Mt. Rainier

Mount Rainier

This past July, I caught my first glimpse of Mt. Rainier on an unusually sunny day at Washington University.  Jack and I were vacationing to Seattle and wanted to check out possible graduate school locations. As we approached the Drumheller Fountain, I saw her standing magnificently over the Seattle skyline.

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Exploring the Northwest Passage at Killington

Killington is one of my favorite places to visit. Between the varied hiking and the wonderful skiing, there’s always something to keep me exploring!

I’ve gone up the Sunrise Village Triple dozens of times now, and hiked through the trails offered off of the Sunrise Lodge. Over the summer, while researching Killington’s history, I learned of an area that has been closed since 2001 – The Northwest Passage. I had always been curious about the abandoned lift towers below the Sunrise Village Triple, but hadn’t thought to explore it until this year.

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Adventure at Mohonk Preserve


As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been sulking around these past few weeks.  Daylight Savings is one of the toughest transition times for me.  I love to get outside for a short hike right after work to decompress and gather my thoughts for the day, but as the sun is now set and the parks are officially closed, I haven’t been able to stretch my legs and get in that moving meditation that my sanity relishes.  I sorely miss being able to get on the trails without my headlamp, and being able to hike well past 8:00pm!

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