About Me

Hi, and welcome to Trek and Traverse! ย I’m Kristina, and I’m an outdoor enthusiast.

I had always enjoyed hiking. My father would take my sisters and I hiking during our summer vacations, and although we were bribed up that mountain with the reward of ice cream, I always enjoyed the view when we got to the top. My love of nature followed me around wherever I ended up – in Sydney, I had a small garden in my windowsill, in New Orleans, a small garden next to my home. It wasn’t until I moved back to Connecticut that I realized how beautiful the Northeast truly is.

Without my boyfriend,ย Jack, this blog would not exist. He has joined me on most of these adventures and regularly fuels my sense of exploration. Without him, I would not be hiking mountains nor skiing down them!

I sincerely hope that this blog inspires you to explore all that Mother Nature has to offer.